2022 Blue World Virtual Dive & Giant Community Colouring Project

Did you know that Sydney Harbour has more than 700 species of fish? Or that male sea horses have pouches? In Science Week 2022, we learnt about Sydney’s coastal waters, and the need for ocean protection as we worked on our mammoth community colouring project. Our rocky reefs and kelp forests are home to amazing marine life, such as gloomy octopus, who keep shell collections; and the giant cuttlefish who roam our coast. The biggest in the world!

Download Marine Life Colouring Sheets
Colour the whole set! Free for personal use. Free for non-profit organisations, ocean protection campaigns and education programs, but please credit us, email us and tag us @blue_world_bondi
It’s great for our funding success to know where our work is used.

Gloomy Octopus Blue Groper Grey Nurse Shark
White’s Sea Horse Australian Fur Seal Giant CuttleFish

This project was designed by artist Merran Hughes, in partnership with marine scientist Zuhairah Dindar of UNSW. Merran created the colouring sheets, characterizing local marine species. 

Zuhairah presented dive footage which is used as data for UNSW marine science research. She explained her research processes and shared information abouut the temeperate waters around Sydney.

The video was created on the sea country of Gamay. We thank Clayton Mead, Madelaine Langley and Derrick Cruz for obtaining this footage, and Adriana Verges for sharing it. The video shown was compiled by Zuhairah Dindar.

Blue World loves to run workshops and events for adults and families, on ocean literacy. Please get in touch if you’d like to throw around ideas on how we might work together.

Comments from Workshop Participants

Loved Blue World and colouring-in for families. Please hold more events

Would it be weird if I came tomorrow? 

Colour and Sip! What a concept. A chill after-work session!

It was amazing and I would love to do more colouring like this again.

Loved the Waverley Library marine science education session. Loved chatting all things ocean

Great workshop! Got to get more exposure of this event and our marine life. Learn more about it.

Loved this event. Loved the colouring. We’d come to more.

Love the colouring! There is great variety and freedom. Great way to learn in a relaxed environment

Many thanks to marine scientist, Zuhairah Dindar and UNSW for their support and work on the 2022 Science Week project. Many thanks to the team at Waverely Library for hosting us. Many thanks to Inspiring NSW for funding our project.

The underwater forests in Sydney’s coastal waters Photograph by Zuhairah Dindar